Who we are ?

We are a highly motivated team united by our belief that the local development and implementation of renewable energy solutions would help achieve the targeted sustainable development goals in developing countries. We specialize in developing solar energy conversion systems, and plan to extend our area to other renewable energy sources in the future. Our main objectives include reducing poverty and global warming through sustainable energy production and efficient energy use. Our vision is built on three key cornerstones :

  •  Provide sustainable and affordable energy solutions ;
  •  Develop products and solutions that directly fulfill the needs of the consumer, and conform to the local geo-climatic and socio-economic conditions ;
  •  Integrate the local enterprises in developing countries into value chains and markets.

Our values are customer centricitysustainable development, and professional ethics.

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Our ambitions and goals

Our ambition is to become a reference in sustainable development and energy transition catalysis thanks to our technical expertise, innovativeness, reactivity, reliability and quality management.

The first objective of SOFT POWER is the independent power production and distribution, followed by the production of smart energy conversion systems and energy planning web tools in the next future. In this way, complete energy conversion systems could be developed, produced and installed locally, according to the requirements of the market. Furthermore, the company is planning to extend its activities to the electric and hydrogen mobility, as well as the development of high efficiency HVAC systems and clean cooking solutions.

Our team

Fredy NandjouCo-founder

Fredy Nandjou, PhD is the co-founder of Soft Power. He is an energy and environmental engineer, researcher, inventor, social entrepreneur, and writer (author of the novel “Les Guerres Vertes”). Born in Cameroon, he directly faced the problems related to energy shortage and polluting fuels. He went to Europe in order to study energy engineering, with a clear goal in mind: develop affordable energy solutions for poor communities, a huge ambition in which he firmly believes.

He has been working for more than ten years on solar and hydrogen technologies. He has a strong network in the energy markets in developing countries, which leaded to strategic partnerships with academics and industrials. He speaks fluently French, English, Italian and Yemba.

Yannick GaudyCo-founder

Yannick Gaudy, PhD is the co-founder of Soft Power. He is an energy and process engineer, researcher, entrepreneur, and singer (composer of the rock band “The One Klaps”). He obtained a Master of Science and PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL).

During his research career, he wrote many scientific papers in high impact factors journals, and participated at numerous international conferences on solar fuels and power-to-gas. He speaks fluently French, English, and German.

Clemens SuterMechanical engineer

Clemens Suter, PhD is a mechanical engineer, researcher, and technology manager. He obtained a Master of Science and PhD in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Technologies from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich (ETHZ).

He has a strong experience in power-to-gas, renewable energy systems and project management. He is the global business manager at Soft Power, and is responsible for the industrialisation as well as the commercialization of our innovative technologies. He speaks fluently German, English and French.


We have a team composed of 4 engineers, 1 economist and 1 business developer in Cameroon, who are responsible for the local implementation of our concept and solutions.   

Furthermore, we are supported by a consortium of academics, industrials and financials. For the implementation of our concept, we established partnerships with industrials for the manufacturing of some components of the system, and academics like EPFL for the optimization of our core technologies (photo-electrolysis, hydrogen and oxygen processing systems, and hydrogen stove) as well as technology transfer. The different partners of our consortium closely interact with their teams in order to bring our solutions to the market.

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